Friday, February 27, 2015

Oh - Chika Ohashi

A fresh new face in Japanese AV has taken the market by storm with her first movie. In fact she and her boy friend, Daisuke, and friend Amami have begun a new AV company that is outselling the older companies. Javzone features not only Chika but her friends she makes daily that she and Daisuke find appealing – female and male.

Japan Week: How did a girl from Kichijoji that went to Catholic schools, enjoys badminton, and still lives with her parents find her way to AV?

Chika Ohashi: Well I graduated from high school and wanted to travel around Japan before going to college. The more I traveled the more I did not want to go to college. I got back to Tokyo and my father said I needed to fins a job, get married, or move. So I went to Family Mart and got a job.

JW: What was your favorite place I Japan?

CO: Fukuoka definitely, I met so many interesting people from abroad there. I met Daisuke there and had a British guy I was dating. I brought Daisuke to his apartment and we all had a threesome together. We all bonded so close that Geoff still comes to see us and was in a movie with my friend Amami.

JW: Come again, Daisuke, Geoff, and you had a threesome and you still see Geoff while being with Daisuke?

CO: Sure, we are open minded and free spirits. We hold nothing as being wrong so long as we do not hurt anyone.

JW: Do you see you and Daisuke getting married?

CO: I do not want to get married. Marriage kills relationships. My parents met through a match maker in Tokyo. They got married and had me and my brother. They are so miserable like most Japanese couples are because they do not love each other they just wanted to get married to have a man support them and woman to care for them. I would die before getting into that.

JW: How do your parents feel about this?

CO: They really don't care so long as I pay my way.

JW: What is your plan for the future?

CO: Keep acting until I get too old and then just run the company.

JW: Does Daisuke fit in the future?

CO: Sure as long as he wishes.

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