Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Waka Inoue: The Interview

Turning 35 this year, Waka Inoue is still sought after for modelling.  Her figure is still awesome and in Japan age is everything, but Waka still has offers pouring in.  One thing though, she never does nudes.  Those nudes out there are fakes and she sues anyone when alerted to them.

Talking to Waka one finds a lady who is beautiful but foremost is intelligent and hard to pull the wool over her big, pretty eyes.

Japan Week: What caused you to begin modelling?

Waka Inoue: Honestly, my mother told me the money I could make as a teenager by modelling.  At 13, I began to model for Uni Qlo jeans and tops.  By 18, I was already into swim suits and bikinis.  My mother had been an actress, so she understood how to use looks to make a living.

JW: At times did you feel you were a body and nothing more?

WI: No.  Absolutely not, because I kept a sense of my identity and when I sensed a manager or agent was pushing me to do something I did not want to then I fired them.  I grew up with a strong sense of who I am and I never compromised that and never will.

JW: Some people will see you as this very endowed girl who poses sensually and see just that.  How do you deal with knowing that?

WI: I am not naive.  I know what some men do with my and other models work.  That does not define me though.  That simply points to their lack of morals, self control and their disdain for women as nothing but sexual objects.  I do not define myself like that.  Yet, I do know some models who do and they are alcoholics, drug addicts, and suicidal because they define themselves by their sexuality.

JW: Do you think your real claim to fame is your bustline as Mino Monta once said?

WI: I suppose but again that is not what I define myself by.  I cannot control what some has been, misogynist thinks.  Have you heard of Mino Monta lately?

JW: Point taken, and what does Waka want to do now?

WI: I stopped the bikini modelling in 2008, and basically I see myself continuing to do TV drama acting and also starting my own clothing line later this year.  It will be "Inoue W" brand and aimed at full figure women who are overlooked in the clothing market in Japan, especially in the department stores.

JW: So Waka is a business woman?

WI: I always have been.  I am a lady who has a brain and uses it more than I do my body.

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